Be yourself! Be seen!


CaneWraps®, with reflective details, vibrant colors, and saucy statements allow cane users to personalize a cold, generic device. Be visible as an individual, not as a stereotype. 

Bright, Reflective, Fun!

The same product intended to help mobility and safety is often rejected or left unused because of stigma. CaneWraps are designed to empower individuals offering choice, improving function, and shifting the experience from, “I don’t want to use this…” to “I’m ready to go. Let me get my CaneWrap.” 

Lightweight - Eye-catching - Easy to put on.

The CaneWrap will fit all standard cane sizes, comes with an I.D. tag, is weather resident, and reflective!

How it Wraps

Our easy fastening will have your cane wrapped in seconds! It’s easy to change your wrap according to the occasion.

Makes A Great Gift!

Our Mission

Sweetmobility's mission is to provide mobility-related products which honor the desire to make choices and to be seen as an individual, not as a stereotype.  

Give The Gift Of Confidence

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